AppDynamics Monitoring Admin

Job description and main responsibilities.

  • Minimum 6 to 8 years of real-time experience in AppDynamics.
  • At least one successful deployment cycle for a medium to the large application environment.
  • Technical skills in at least one core language environment e.g. Java, .Net etc.
  • Deep understanding of key AppDynamics features.
  • Job Functionalities in details –
  • Creating/Configuring Agents, Tiers, and Nodes in AppDynamics.
  • Creating/Configuring Health Rules, Alert Policies, Service End Points, Business Transactions.
  • Creating Data Collectors on Business Transactions.
  • Build/maintain AppDynamics dashboards, generate Monthly Operational Reports
  • Integrate AppDynamics with third party products, configure auto-mail rules
  • Resolve complex technical issues and drive innovation that improves system availability, resiliency, and performance.
  • Build end-to-end monitoring, detection, and prevention tools for Company products and Platform and customer-facing environments.